As per November 16th 2018 this site will be deleted. Will move to using Syndie for uploading more sensitive things. The domain will remain and might or might not be interesting

Introduction and Welcome

October 23rd 2018

Hello visitor. I am currently filling this site with documents of various topics.This is a work in progress so check back regurlarly. What you can expect are for example declassified documents on mass survaillance, repressed technology, mode of operations in varous fields.
BUT if you have requests on what you'd like to see let me know. My email address is linked below. See you around. Regards, Tiny.

NOTICE: Some files might take longer to load due to their size. Be patient, have a coffee.


To the Library, please

Blog or Random Thoughts

October 30th: 12 new documents uploaded to the Ufo and Related section. Enjoy.

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